1. Making The Perfect 'Little Black Dress'

    Making The Perfect 'Little Black Dress'

    The Little Black Dress. Few fashion styles are as timeless and reliable as this chic fashion icon, first popularised by Coco Chanel and Jean Patou in the 1920s.
    Let Joel & Son help you to create your ideal LBD. Look through our Little Black Dress menu online for a selection of perfect fabrics. If you are feeling inspired, here is a quick guide.

    The Original Chanel LBD.

    Coco Chanel's seminal, long-sleeved, un-lined design from 1926.

    Some of our favourites.
    The Minimalist 90s Knee Length

  2. How To Make a Bouclé Jacket

    How To Make a Bouclé Jacket

    The timeless Bouclé Jacket(otherwise known as a Tweed Jacket), created in 1954 by Coco Chanel, and iconised by Jackie Kennedy in 1963, is one of the most chic and enduring of garments, just as at home atop a pair of denim jeans as when paired with a sharply tailored skirt. Withstanding the tests of time and trends, the jacket has remained a constant on screens, on streets and on the fashionable elite, and proven unequivocally that it is one item that will never, ever, go out of style.

    The time and effort invested in creating a DIY bouclé jacket is richly rewarded when you are left with a classic item that you’ll wear many times over. Selecting the right materials is so important, to ensure that your piece is as lovely as you’d hoped. We have a wide range of bouclés to choose