Sustainability at Joel and Son Fabrics

At Joel and Son Fabrics, we are dedicated to conducting our business with a deep commitment to both environmental stewardship and social responsibility. Recognising the profound impact our operations have on the planet and society, we are steadfast in our mission to minimise our ecological footprint while simultaneously fostering a workplace culture that prioritises fairness, diversity, inclusion, and community engagement. We firmly believe that by embracing sustainable practices and actively contributing to the welfare of our employees, customers, and communities, we can create a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.

We are working closely to adapt age-old processes in the textile industry, and our goal is to only buy from factories and mills who are making a conscious effort to improve and maintain our increasingly fragile environment.

It is understood that with fast, throwaway fashion, we are slowly, but definitely, destroying our planet. Everyone needs to step back and re-evaluate what matters most! The buyers at Joel & Son Fabrics recognise the need to support factories that have environmentally friendly practices in place, and we pride ourselves on only working with established factories in Europe.