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Flowers in December.

Get inspired to use Zibeline for the coming winter. Zibeline can be either wool or in this case, silk that is a weave made from cross-bred worsted yarns. After being napped, steamed and pressed, the outcome has a sleek, one-directional nap with a shined finish. Also known as Mikado, Zibeline is perfect for wedding guests including Mother of the Bride, as well as being perfect for other more formal occasions. The best garments for Zibeline are structured dresses, sleek suits and modern coats.


Be inspired by this amazing shoot for Fashion Gone Rogue, shot by Zhang Jingna and modelled by Korean beauty Kwak Ji Young.

And if you're wanting something a little bit more detailed than the sleek minimalist look, here's an idea of how to use embellised, lace or embroidered fabric with the zibeline. Keep the top fitted and use the Zibeline/Mikado on the bottom for the interesting structure:

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