1. The 12 Most Popular Wedding Dress Fabrics

    The 12 Most Popular Wedding Dress Fabrics

    Whether you consider yourself a classic, modern or more alternative bride, there’s a wedding look for you to ensure you feel magnificent on your wedding day. If you want a timeless or modern fairy tale dress, sculptural bridal separates that can be styled in different ways for endless mileage, a statement making non-traditional ivory jumpsuit or cool perfectly cut two-piece wedding suit that you can enjoy for years to come, selecting your bridal garment and fabric is a big part of the planning process. With so many styles to choose from and keeping in mind the wedding destination, time of year, the venue, guest dress code, the budget and so much more, selecting your wedding garment (and suitable fabric) to celebrate your big day and personal style, can feel like a lot of pressure, and it should be fun! 


  2. The Best Celebrity Weddings of the Decade - 2010s

    The Best Celebrity Weddings of the Decade - 2010s

    The 2010s are coming to an end and we've gone back to where it all started. Over the decade we have seen some of the most breathtaking celebrity weddings imaginable. Here is a list of those weddings and of course the dresses that left a lasting impression.

    Chrissy Teigen chose Vera Wang to walk down the aisle as she got hitched to hubby John Legend in the luxury of the Villa d’Este, overlooking Lake Como in Italy.

  3. Wedding Dress Alternatives: Bridal Suits & Jumpsuits

    Wedding Dress Alternatives: Bridal Suits & Jumpsuits

    Not every bride sees herself in a dress for her big day. Not into skirts/dresses full stop? Maybe it's your second wedding and you don't want frothy or traditional bridal-wear. Whatever the reason, there are other options, and they can look awesome.

    Many a stylish woman has opted for a chic trouser or suiting look for their wedding day, and by the way, bridal pant styles are very in for 2019. We've seen some incredible bridal jumpsuits on the 2019 bridal collection runways, which you can see for yourself below, along with some stunning celebrity versions of alternative bridal fashion that we’ve loved and lauded over the years.

    Bianca Jagger - 1971

  4. Best Bridal Moments Of 2018

    Best Bridal Moments Of 2018

    Everyone loves a celebrity wedding!

    And the best part, the part that people look forward to most really, is the wedding dress. With access to the best of designers, the lushest of fabrics and the healthiest of budgets, celebrity brides, already generally blessed in the genetics department, are usually pretty gorgeous.

    We've seen a number of high profile women tie the knot this year, some in more of a backyard'n'chill mode, and some in ceremonies infused with pomp and steep tradition. So which of these famous brides broke the internet best in 2018, in our bridal-fabric-obsessed opinion? Read on.

    We can't really go past Meghan Markle for big bridal moments of the year! Stunning and regal in a custom Claire Waight Keller (of Givenchy) gown, the Duchess of Sussex began her new life as a princess in style. The 'pure white' fabric was an exclusively sourced double-bonded silk cady (a type of woven, thick silk used in couture design) and she wore her hair in a simple

  5. Get Gwyneth's Wedding Dress Style

    Get Gwyneth's Wedding Dress Style

    Gwyneth Paltrow got married again a few weeks ago. Have you seen the pics? No dress disappointment here. Her gorgeous lace dress, created for her by Pierpaolo Piccioli (Creative Director at Valentino) is so romantic and feminine and oozes with the elegant style we expect from this bride. (Oh, you look great too, Brad Falchuk). We love the mix of sheer, delicate lace amongst bold floral applique. True, we don't all have Maison de Valentino on speed dial to whip up our own wedding dresses, but we've got some very similar corded lace fabrics here that would be perfect for replicating hers. We're feeling very dress-inspired right now!

  6. Black Wedding Dresses, Coloured Bridal Gowns

    Black Wedding Dresses, Coloured Bridal Gowns

    This Is Us star, Mandy Moore, always looks great, but not in a way that seems like it's taken five servants five hours to put together. She just has style. So when we saw she'd invited a bunch of friends over last weekend, and casually got married, we obviously couldn't wait to see her dress...

    ..which is amazing! We like that it's a bit non-conventional, but romantic and bridal all the same. Her pink tulle bespoke Rodarte gown reminds us why the trend for coloured and black wedding dresses we're seeing all over the bridal couture shows is so hot.

    (Vera Wang Spring '19)
  7. Wedding Dress Guide: Bespoke, Custom, Made To Order & Off The Peg.

    Wedding Dress Guide: Bespoke, Custom, Made To Order & Off The Peg.

    Embarking on your wedding dress journey can be a little overwhelming to begin with. There are so many options and it's easy to be confused about what all the options actually mean. What is a bespoke wedding dress and how does it differ from a custom wedding dress? Where does the difference lie between a made to measure bridal gown and a made to order one? If you're unsure what all of the different terms really mean and would welcome a bit of simple decoding, scroll through the explanations below. You'll be an expert in no time!

    A bespoke wedding dress is a dress that has been created especially for you, from start to finish. This means that the design has been drafted from scratch, according to your specific requirements, cut and sewn according to your particular measurements, and detailed and embellished exactly how you would like it.
    Having a bespoke wedding dress

  8. Bridal Fabrics: Beautiful Tulle And Organza

    Bridal Fabrics: Beautiful Tulle And Organza

    Tulle and organza are classic bridal fabrics, chosen by brides for their feminine, ethereal quality and delicate, romantic appeal. Whilst the two fabrics are often used somewhat similarly in bridal fashion, they actually have different benefits and applications, and each manages to be used more effectively for different things. Read on to learn what each fabric is best used for.

  9. Wedding Dress Fabric: A Guide To All Of The Bridal Silks

    Wedding Dress Fabric: A Guide To All Of The Bridal Silks

    Silk is the most luxurious of fabrics, made entirely of natural fibres. It's an extremely popular choice for bridal fabric and comes in many forms and styles. Joel and Son Fabrics stocks an enormous range of beautiful, quality silks for use as wedding dress material, so we've put together this quick guide on the bridal silk fabrics available, to help you select the perfect one for your dream dress.

    Silk chiffon

    Silk Chiffon is a sheer and elegant fabric with a texture similar to crepe. It is both stronger and heavier than silk gauze, with a beautiful, soft drape. The method in which it is woven ensures that even the heaviest weights of silk chiffon remain sheer.

  10. 2019 Brides: Wedding Dress Trends You Need To Know

    2019 Brides: Wedding Dress Trends You Need To Know

    Whilst lace, appliques and beading remain bridal-wear staples year after year, the recent bridal couture runways are urging brides-to-be to embrace a host of new trends claiming a place in bridal fashion for 2019.  Statement bows, lashings of colour, elegant capes and shimmering metallics are just the beginning. Inspired brides, read on for the wedding dress trends that you need to know about if you’re getting married in 2019!

    Volume, volume, volume - fit for a princess.