Every Autumn/Winter brings seasonal fashion trends. We love them, we wear them, we throw them. Fashion followers repeat this cycle every season but those with true style will have a wardrobe full of statement pieces that never go out of style.

Some Autumn/Winter fabrics are not seasonal trends at all, but timeless, classic textures that have their place time and time again in almost every designer collection.

Enter bouclé fabric.

Translated literally from French to mean ‘curled’, bouclé fabric is characterized by its curly, knotted appearance that is created by its open, woven weave. Used by almost everyone from Chanel to Christian Dior in the form of jackets, dresses, and trousers, this most definitely is a must-have fabric for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

Here are our favourites from this season.


Paul Costelloe showcased bouclé in thi