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  1. Haute Couture

    Haute Couture

    Haute Couture refers to the creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing. The term 'Haute Couture' (a French expression translating literally to "high dressmaking") is commonly misused in the fashion industry to glorify clothes that are heavily embellished. The luxury of this trade is that the most experienced and talented seamstresses construct each garment by hand from start to
    finish. One piece alone can take weeks to assemble.

    According to Wikipedia, the term Haute Couture is protected by law in France and is defined by the Chambre de commerce et d'industire de Paris to strictly obide by the following three rules:

    1.) The garments must be bespoke designs for private clients.
    2.) The fashion house must have an atelier in Paris employing at least fifteen people.
    3.) Each season the fashion house must present a collection to the Paris press.



    It feels like winter is never going to arrive in London and whilst we welcome the climate change; is it ever going to be chilly enough to whip out the faux fur!? Most of us have been cultivating our outfits since we fell in love with the A/W runways and how typical… it has been recorded that London has experienced the warmest Autumn on record with spells of sunshine and minimal rain showers! Regardless, stylish women across the country are embracing the cool-ish temperatures but utilising the fashion trick of 'layering' (a great way to avoid a flushed complexion… because we all know that it’s just not the best look). So get ready to find your favourite new coat that you just CAN’T live without because nothing will stop our fashionistas from rocking their winter wardrobes.

    1. Boho inspired outfits are very popular at the moment. Think long flowing skirts, bell-bottom sleeves, fringing, embellishment, multi layers and florals; but Boho chic doesn’t just have to be for su