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  1. The Evolution of Joel & Son Fabrics

    The Evolution of Joel & Son Fabrics

    Watch the history of Joel & Son Fabrics in the words of Joel himself:


  2. The Royal Christening

    The Royal Christening

     It was a Royal Affair but not as we know it. Prince George Alexander Louis was christened in front of an intimate guest list of 22 and was much more well behaved than those that had gone before him. The third in line to the throne wore an exact replica of the gown worn 172 years ago by Queen Victoria's first born, and my, what beautiful lace!

    Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Prince Philip and the Queen Mother at Prince William's Christening, which was privately held in the music room of Buckingham Palace.

  3. Get ahead, before 'tis the season

    Get ahead, before 'tis the season

    This is the time of year where we moan at the sight of Christmas trees and chocolates in stores and the thought of Christmas shopping seems like something we won't need to worry about for a long time, yet we know time will fly up to it. We are not ones to encourage the October jingle of bells before we've even had Halloween yet, but we are in the business that needs to think ahead. No doubt you're going to have work Christmas parties and family dinners to go to all over the country, but let's start with the most important and time-consuming events first. While we're all inspired after the 65th EMMY Awards, let's plan the more glamorous of gowns.

    Kaley Cuoco
  4. Flowers in December -  Mikado

    Flowers in December - Mikado

    Get inspired to use Zibeline (also know as Mikado) for the coming winter. Zibeline can be either wool or in this case, silk that is a weave made from cross-bred worsted yarns. After being napped, steamed and pressed, the outcome has a sleek, one-directional nap (raised fuzzy surface) with a shiney finish. Zibeline or Mikado, luxurious silk has a heavier weight and is perfect for a bride, wedding guests including Mother of the Bride, as well as other more formal occasions. The best garments for Zibeline / Mikado are structured dresses, sleek suits and modern coats which are soft to the touch and perfect for cooler weather.

  5. Mo's Bows

    Mo's Bows

    Moziah Bridges

    In these economic times when there are those who feel grateful to even have a job, we can’t help but admire the ambitious, hard working little entrepreneurs that are hiding in parts of the world. If your thinking about starting a business in any area of the fashion industry, great or small, this young man will inspire you.

    Meet Mo from Memphis, who started his business at a very young 9 years old in 2011  after his grandmother taught him how to sew, and gave him her scrap fabric. Referring to himself as a “young dapper man”, Mo just felt good when wearing Bow ties and wanted to share that with the world. After coming from a string of men who liked to wear 3 piece suits, it’s no wonder he enjoys dressing well. He currently sells his many types of bow ties on Etsy and estimates to have made £20,000 since he started.

  6. Joel & Son Update

    Joel & Son Update

    Dino, Joel, Gary and Coby at a Trade Show in Paris

    Gary and Dino have just arrived back from a whirlwind buying trip and are bearing the most exciting new goods. After spending a lot of time creating amazing new looks, the pair have bought amazing fabrics from all the new collections. By studying the trends while buying the goods for us, Gary is only finding that glamour is still the top priority. While you watched as designers leave crowds speechless as fashion week shows, we've been unloading the goods.

  7. Fashion week favourites - Paris

    Fashion week favourites - Paris

    Louis Vuitton

    It's the big one. Paris, where dreams are made... and love. All the big names gather for the biggest fashion week schedule of them all. It's the city that presents the most opportunity for the designers that show there, so are we losing our British bests to the city of baguettes?

    Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen seem to favour the French side but it makes for one exciting week! Here are our favourites from Paris, alongside our fabrics which you can use to get the look for your own wardrobe. Get ahead and start thinking about Spring while you finish the last stitches on your winter