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  1. Fashion Week Favourites - Milano

    Fashion Week Favourites - Milano

    With Paris in our sights we look back on our favourites form Milan Fashion Week. In times where investments on truely amazing fabrics can be a tough decision, we are pleased to see a lot of winter fabrics turning over into the spring collections, and what perfect timing, right when we're thinking about what to make for the winter. Indulge in your Leather(ette), Fur, Mock- Crock, and Hi-Tech, because it looks like you're going to be able to wear it until May!

  2. Closing Soon

    Closing Soon

    Our competition is drawing to a close. Here is a line-up of our finalists!


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    1. Shelly Tindale
    Fabric: Joel & Son Metal Armour.

    2. Elizabeth March
    Fabric: Joel & Son Wool Crepe, Silk polka dots and Pique.

    3. Luke Archer
    Joel & Son Silk Brocade and Silk Jacquard.

    4. Dawn Johnson
    Joel & Son Cotton Pique.

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  3. London Fashion Week Summary

    London Fashion Week Summary

    Here in the homeland, the Brits have done us proud. The expected colour from Mary Katrantzou and Peter Pilotto have exceeded the expectation and blown us away. Burberry continued to promote Britain, Tom Ford gave us a sexy outlook on the future and Emma Hill said a cheerful goodbye to Mulberry. London has seen a common trend of feathers and that modern lace we saw in Autumn, throughout. There has also been a development and continuation of the beautiful ways to use organza. Here are our favourite looks from London Fashion week and how to re-create the look.

    Mary Katrantzou

    After starting this collection

  4. New York Fashion Week - Sum it up!

    New York Fashion Week - Sum it up!

    After a whirlwind week of colour, patterns, sexy silhouttes and skyscraper heels, New York Fashion Week is over for another season. Whilst some designers are celebrating their triumph and taking a well-deserved break, the work for us at Joel & Son Fabrics has only just begun.

    We have always strived to deliver you the most up-to-date and fashionable fabrics, and where else to get inspiration than fashion week itself. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite collections and show you how to get creative!


    Ralph Lauren’s Spring ’14 collection featured a vast array of monochrome ‘schoolgirl’ looks in stripes & checkered designs, with a choice of silk & cotton fabrics for a more springtime feel. From a monochrome start to a vibrant finish – Ralph Lauren continued on to give us pops of vibrant block colours – mint green, baby yellow & bright red to name a few.

  5. Pretty Rebel in Black & White

    Pretty Rebel in Black & White

    Who doesn’t love a little bit of grunge? Today we’re inspired by this black & white shoot for L’officiel Singapore, featuring the petite Helena Greyhorse. Jumius Wong and Jack Wang styled Greyhorse in feminine, glamorous evening dresses, then drowned them in chunky winter-wear and added touches of leather and metal wherever possible... It’s a perfect mix for the girl wanting to give her outfit for a night out on the town a little edginess. As mentioned in an earlier post- Punk’s Not Dead. Photographed by Chuando & Frey.

  6. Lady in Red

    Lady in Red

    If used sparingly, red is dramatic, and wildly effective when worn. We love a splash of red in our wardrobe. On the Autumn catwalks, we saw designers using a splash of red in the dark patches of their collections. A 'pop' of colour if you will. Red is the colour of blood, lipstick, love and Valentino, therefore receives a rather mixed, but predictable reception. But the Psychological properties of red is that it's physical, and physically courageous. Maybe thats why the winning sports teams in films always have a red uniform. It also has an aura for strength, energy, excitement, sex and warmth...perhaps why it's also heavily in the wardrobe for the female characters that play the objects of desire. Whatever the reason for it, no matter what your height is, skin colour, or hair colour (naturally) the colour suits us all.

    Here's a few ideas of what to do with your red silk. Irina Shayk plays the seductive female lead in Giampaolo Sgura's shoot for Allure Russia. Styled by Anya

  7. Candy Coated

    Candy Coated

    Magdalena Langrova for Interview Russia.

    Ginger Spice may or may not have been in store yesterday but it brought back some fond memories...or obsessions rather. Also reminiscent of our childhood, are the pastel, candy colours we're seeing in Autumn collections at the moment. My little ponies and cabbage patch kids come racing back to our minds but with these heavy, shaggy, and oversized garments for winter, the masculine/feminine ratio is perfect. We love this shoot for Interview Russia's september issue, starring the stunning Magdalena Langrova. Photographed by Yasunari Kikuma, and styled by Akari Endo-Gaunt.

  8. What do Chris Hemsworth and Frida Giannini have in common?

    What do Chris Hemsworth and Frida Giannini have in common?

    The premiere of the new Thriller, Rush took place in Leicester Square last night and confirmed that Gucci creative director, Frida Giannini dressed Chris Hemsworth's and Olivia Wilde's characters in the film. After the Academy Award winning Ron Howard asked Giannini, she went back into the Gucci archives to retrieve the luxurious designs from the 70's.

    Giannini commented 'The Seventies has always been a decade that has inspired me greatly, so it was extremely exciting to be asked by Ron Howard to help design wardrobes for RUSH. It is hard to think of a more glamorous profession than being a racing driver in the Seventies. James Hunt's style is full of animal sensuality, perfectly brought out by Chris Hemsworth in the period-evoking outfits.'

    Red Carpet looks from last night: