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  1. "The Fabric Cave"

    "The Fabric Cave"

  2. Lace Trend Report

    Lace Trend Report

    Lace has had a new lease of life on the Resort 2014 catwalks. And who says it all has to be all pansies and butterflies? While some designers are keeping to their classic romantics and frills, the latest shows from the likes of Burberry Prorsum, Stella McCartney and Christopher Kane are experimenting with the levels of femininity we need in lace.

    Bold colour and graphic lines are bringing us a whole new Lace with attitude.

    From Left to Right: Derek Lam, Christopher Kane, Burberry Prorsum, Christopher Kane, Stella McCartney, Burberry Prorsum.

  3. Justifying Fabric Prices – Just Why Are Some Worth More Than Others?

    Justifying Fabric Prices – Just Why Are Some Worth More Than Others?

    Whether you are a crafter, a dress maker, looking for a unique fabric to take to a tailor or have some other reason to purchase fabric, you’ll understand that in most cases, you get what you pay for. Fabric prices have increased exponentially in the last two decades and many find it hard to justify spending a lot of money on quality fabric, but there are a number of reasons why premium fabric comes with a premium price. Below are just a few.


    As with any product, if you want quality, you have to pay a little more. The same goes for fabric. Paying more means you get a better product. This is particularly true for fabrics that are a little more complex, such as lace, faux fur, microfibre, velvet and silk. Opting for cheaper options could land you with a piece that is not as durable, is more difficult to work with a

  4. From Design to Reality, a Competition Winners Journey to Italy

    From Design to Reality, a Competition Winners Journey to Italy

    Another week, another exciting event to report on - this time involving a competition winner, a trip to Italy and some exclusive printed silk designs.

    Recently, Joel of Joel & Son Fabrics has begun lecturing at a fashion college, providing over 60 years expertise in the industry to the fashion designers of the future. He held a competition for the students of Shenkar College to create the most creative fabric design that was both modern and commercially viable. The winner of the top prize would not only have their design printed and then sold exclusively here at Joel & Son Fabrics, but would also have the chance to fly to Italy with Joel and witness the printing process from start to finish at a top fabric mill, where many of our own fabrics are printed.

    So after much deliberation, the competition winner, Dan, was chosen and he set off to Italy on a two day educational journey with Joel himself.

  5. What a Weekend! The Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace

    What a Weekend! The Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace

    After months of preparation, weeks of apprehension and many sleepless nights, the Coronation Festival at Buckingham Palace has finally been and gone. And with over 60,000 visitors spread over four days in the heat of a typically un-British summer, what a busy and exciting time it was for us!

    For those of you who don’t know, the Coronation Festival was a one-off event held in the Gardens of Buckingham Palace this past weekend in celebration of the 60th anniversary of The Queen’s Coronation. This Festival brought together over 200 companies who hold a Royal Warrant of Appointment, giving them the opportunity to showcase and celebrate the excellence of their trade or craft.

    From chimney sweeps to barbers, horse-bedding suppliers and chocolatiers, the Coronation Festival really gave the public an idea of the range of companies who supply goods and services to the Royal Family.

    Joel & Son Fabrics was honoured be have been granted a Royal Warrant 15 years ago as

  6. Design Inspiration - from Material to Masterpiece

    Design Inspiration - from Material to Masterpiece

    So many of you are making fabulous purchases from at the moment which is both amazing and exciting for us, but what really makes us happy is when we receive feedback and photographs of what you’ve created with our fabrics. Take one customer – Davina Saurel, from France – for example.

    Pretty summer dress made using Liberty 'Irma' Cotton

    Davina has shown us that a little bit of creativity really does go a long way. Using ‘Irma’, a Liberty Tana Lawn Cotton, she created a gorgeous backless dress with puff sleeves. Liberty cottons are known for their distinct patterns and light