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  1. Repurposing Scrap Fabric & Materials - 5 Cool Ideas

    Repurposing Scrap Fabric & Materials - 5 Cool Ideas

    It is always recommended when buying fabric to buy more than you need. This allows for any mistakes, saving you time and money in the long run. However, like all fabric crafts, it is then also inevitable that you are left with extra fabric or scraps from your project. But why waste fabric that you most likely spent a long time choosing and a lot of money buying? There are a thousand ways you can repurpose scrap fabric and materials, but here are five easy/fun ones to get you started:


    This is a simple little craft project ideal for all your future fabric projects! Use a few pieces of scrap sewn together to form a box or sphere and stuff with polyester fiberfill. The only other things you need are a needle and thread and your own two hands. Finish by sticking a few pretty pins or needles into the top and admire your handiwork!

    Click here: How to make a pincushion (pictured below):

  2. Finally Unveiled - Our New Shop

    Finally Unveiled - Our New Shop

    For any of you that have visited our shop in Church Street recently, you may have noticed the rather uncharacteristic surroundings – with the dustsheets and builders – and some even more uncharacteristic noises – drilling and banging.

    Well, rest assured this temporary inconvenience has had a much more positive and permanent outcome…our brand new extended shop. We are proud to announce that our shop floor has continued to grow in line with our customers demand – we now have a whopping 8 shops in total spanning from 73-87 Church Street!

  3. The Coronation & Kate

    The Coronation & Kate

    Its not often that you have to find an outfit 'fit' for your Grandmother-in-law's 60th Anniversary of her Coronation at Westminster Abbey. But then again, Kate Middleton (or Princess Catherine, as she's now known) isn't any ordinary 'grand-daughter'!

    What does make her 'ordinary' though, is that, like you and I, she had to source the perfect dress to compliment her ever growing baby bump. Something, much of us can relate to!!

    However difficult and pressured the task - she came through and chose a beautiful and flattering lace dress by Jenny Packham in this seasons statement pale peach colour.......and doesn't that lace ribbon sit perfectly above her baby bump?.....

    Another fashion triumph by our favourite Princess 'royal'.

    To recreate this look, shop our 'laces' and 'silks' in neutral shades