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  1. The Evolution of the Wedding Dress

    The Evolution of the Wedding Dress

    An age old ceremony all about love and companionship, weddings have a long and detailed history spanning hundreds of years. One of the most memorable things about every wedding is the bride’s wedding dress. Whether a fashion faux pas or the most beautiful outfit any of the guests has seen, the wedding dress is something guests and the star couple remember for years to come.

    Did you know: Wedding dresses haven’t always been traditionally white. It was only in 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert that white became the colour of choice while also symbolising purity (although white had been popular among the wealthy before then).

    The wedding dress as it is today, although taking inspiration from previous incarnations, is very different from those of the past. Almost 100 years ago, wedding dresses in the 1920’s were all about looking like royalty. As the first year of the decade saw women gain the right

  2. What to wear to a wedding?

    What to wear to a wedding?

    By Karen Proctor

    Wedding season is fast approaching, and with it looms the wedding outfit dilemma! Over the years, so many ladies of all ages, shapes and styles have come to me for help on this – often horrified at the options available in ‘special occasion” wear! Whether guest, mother-of-the bride or groom, sister or close friend – the search for the ultimate outfit often seems daunting.

    I believe your outfit really has to work for you, the setting and the weather! The solution is simple - it’s all about the right fabric and an effortless design - combined to create an individual look. Surely, it’s a far easier option than trawling the shops for the holy grail of outfits?

    But how do you choose the fabric and select a design? In my next few blogs, I want to explore fabric and style options that leave you inspired with choice!

    Wearing floral to a wedding.

    With Kim Kardashian being blasted in the press f

  3. The Baftas

    The Baftas

    Bafta's you did it again...a night full of fun, laughter, tears and of course drama. And that was only in the dressing rooms! What an array of delightful (and delinquent) attire.

    We're not going to concentrate on the fashion 'faux pas' that filled the red carpet this year but have a look at those who got it right. Black was still a safe leader, but the pastels and brights made an appearance nevertheless.

    Take the ever coveted Sienna Miller, who as always, didn't disappoint in this cute 50's inspired powder blue dress by Matthew Williamson. Teamed with the 'oh so popular' Perspex Clutch, she looked every bit 'The Girl'!

    Despite the typical English weather - Floral also made an appearance thanks to Shakespearean actress Kate Fleetwood. Not

  4. Iconic Dresses

    Iconic Dresses

    Making Iconic Dresses from Movies

    Just like Celine Dion’s ballad in the film Titanic, the cast are not the only thing to make a movie memorable. Creating stunning, eye-catching garments means costume designers certainly have their work cut out. Hidden in plain view, clothing can set up a character, give the foundation for a particular period in time and inspire the real world. Here are some of our favourite examples that can be recreated …

    Julia Roberts – Pretty Woman

    That famous laugh and t