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Specialists in Haute Couture Fabrics


Silk fabric is the most glamorous and luxurious of fabrics and we stock a wide variety of silkschiffonsatin and organza, as well as printed and embroidered silk for different uses.

Made entirely of natural fibres, this luxury material originated in ancient China over 5,000 years ago. Silk is produced by several insects (like silk worms) but in general, only the silk of moth caterpillars is used for textile manufacturing. This fine material is also known as 'the Queen of Fabrics' and is used by dressmakers the world over to create fabulous dresses, shirts, blouses, pocket squares and scarves..  

We offer free shipping when you buy your silk online for orders over £200 in the UK, and orders over £250 internationally. Please note that prices shown are per metre unless otherwise specified.

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