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  1. Fur for the boys.

    Fur for the boys.

    All this talk of (faux) fur and we seem to have left the boys out! This editorial for Grazia has the perfect measurements of fur to inspire you on this Menswear Monday, to go a little wild. Ryad Slimani is shot by Roman Goebel in this editorial that is too cool for school.

  2. What is Vicuña?

    What is Vicuña?

    Before the 1960's Vicuna was worn a lot by the worlds most dapper of personalities. Now, unfortunately it is less common and rarely seen in our suiting fabric, making it very expensive to the untrained eye. But let me explain the luxury of Vicuna. Peru's national animal is wild and never farmed. Once every three years a half-religious ceremony takes place where the local community forms a human chain around the wild packs of vicuna, and slowly close in on them for shearing.

    This occurs so distantly because the Vicuna only produces very small amounts of wool which is extremely fine. By the sixties, the Vicuna had become very endangered, and was down to the last 6000 by 1974. However after being protected under Inca law, the population is recovering.

  3. Menswear Monday

    Menswear Monday