Your Guide to Check Suiting

Written By Coby Bull


Your Guide to Check Suiting


Every man should have a perfect-fit check suit in his wardrobe and there is no better way of finding this elusive sartorial gem without a visit to Joel & Son Fabrics where one of our fabric experts will assist you in choosing the right plaid cloth for you. Wearing a suit with an attention-grabbing check will definitely get you noticed, but there are also other options for the gentleman who prefers a more subtle pattern. 


Checks patterns include:

Prince of Wales Check

Worn by Roger Moore in James Bond The man with A golden Gun

Prince of Wales Check Worsted Spun Cashmere by Loro Piana

Graph check

Tom Hiddleston wore a graph suit at the premiere of Thor Ragnarok

Blue Graph Checkered Pure Wool Suiting Fabric

Windowpane check

A Windowpane check suit

Blue Checkered Hemp & Wool Blend Suiting Fabric

Tartan / plaid suiting

Tommy Hilfiger on the red carpet in a tartan (plaid) suit

Deep Cream/Black Tartan Printed Wool


A bespoke tailored garment affords you the opportunity to make the perfect fitted suit for your build with fabric to your taste, as well as the option to customise every last detail of your finished garment. A check suit can be quite the sartorial statement maker, so to get the most out of your style miles, we recommend a mid-weight Windowpane check wool cloth in a black, grey, or navy - it's the most office-friendly fabric choice and pretty much works for most occasions and times of the year.

Once you have selected the perfect suit cloth and lining, the next step in the sartorial decision-making process, is to select the cut (a slim hourglass or relaxed fit) and whether you prefer a single, double-breasted, or three-piece suit that will work with plaid fabric? Once you have decided on this, the construction of the suit will need to be considered and all the other details, such as how long your jacket should be for your height  (this will vary on how balanced your upper body is to your lower body), also, keep in mind suit jackets are shorter than they were a decade ago, where your shoulder seam ends (this should be right at the outside of your shoulder and military precision is required here to ensure you create a well-fitted suit), how many buttons you would like (we prefer 2 or 3) for a single-breasted and double-breasted suit (we like 6 but keep in mind a shorter torso may require a 4 button configuration in which only the bottom 1 or 2 buttons are fastened), peak or notch lapels (we like the latter and they should lie flat on the chest), how many vents you would like on your jacket (we approve of double vents for comfort), the pockets and whether they are with flaps or without (flaps are more suitable to a less formal suit), right through to the button detail (we love the timeless design and quality of Benson & Clegg). 

If your check suit is well-tailored, it will fit like a glove and ensure you are left feeling powerful and confident every time you wear it.


How to select check suit fabric:

1. A check suit affords you the opportunity to showcase your personal style and sophistication so spend time picking the perfect suit tailoring cloth, and don't be shy to ask our fabric experts in-store or online for advice. If you are still feeling unsure, we suggest choosing a more subtle check print fabric and darker colours. The lighter the suit color, the bigger the style statement.

2. If you do select an unapologetic bold check fabric print, keep the rest of your look low-key. Pair your suit with muted tonal palettes such as a pale coloured shirt and classic black or brown shoes or boots. Avoid mixing check patterns, bold colours and/or fabric textures unless you're feeling brave and want to follow in the footsteps of brands such as Gucci and Burberry.

3. Your suit needs to fit you, and should highlight the male physique. This is why we love bespoke tailored suits and believe they are the best investment. It's a false economy to buy cheap - the longevity of your suit will come from making a sound investment the first time around and will also help lower the impact on the environment.

4. Wear your check suit with confidence, because if you feel probably look great too! Check out our check suiting fabrics, because checks are cool now and forever!