Wimbledon 2024: The Celebrities Style Game

Written By Nicole Bull


Wimbledon 2024: The Celebrities Style Game

Wimbledon is synonymous with tradition, elegance, and world-class tennis. However, it is not just the matches that capture our attention each year. The stands are filled with celebrities whose fashion choices add an extra layer of excitement to the event.

This year, the celebrity style at Wimbledon has taken a notable turn towards classic suiting, with whites and creams dominating, complemented by surprising touches of colour.

Here are some of our favourite celebrity looks so far!

The Return of Suited Elegance

This year, Wimbledon has seen classic suiting styles amongst its celebrity attendees. There is a certain charm in the tailored elegance of a well-fitted suit, and this year, it’s clear that many have embraced this timeless look.

Celebrities have always been at the forefront of Wimbledon’s fashion scene, and this year is no different. Their style choices set the tone and often influence broader fashion trends.

Whites and Creams: The Dominant Palette

Wimbledon has a long-standing association with the colour white, rooted in its historical dress code. This year, the celebrity crowd has honoured this tradition with a modern twist. Crisp whites and soft creams are the dominant colours, exuding a sense of freshness and elegance. The perfectly tailored blazers and trousers, offer a polished look that is both timeless and chic.

Pops of Colour: A Refreshing Twist

While whites and creams provide a classic look, some celebrities have opted to introduce pops of colour into their tailored suits, adding a refreshing and modern twist. These colourful looks are impactful, enhancing the overall aesthetic without overshadowing the traditional elegance of Wimbledon attire.

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