Wedding Suits for Men: The Essential Fabric Guide for Grooms

Written By Evangelia at Joel & Son Fabrics


Wedding Suits for Men: The Essential Fabric Guide for Grooms

When it comes to the big day, most of the pressure tends to fall on the bride, but what about the groom? It’s his big day too and the range of choices for men’s wedding formalwear can be overwhelming! So whether you are a groom planning to tie the knot in an old traditional English church wearing morning tails or on a quaint Greek island in a relaxed tailored blazer and shorts, there are a few things you will need to consider when choosing the fabric to showcase your personal style.

A bespoke wedding suit is traditionally made from scratch, by a master tailor using high quality construction and can take 7-8 weeks to complete. A pattern will be drafted and created specifically for its wearer, ensuring a perfect fit. Using the client’s chosen fabric, a lining to reflect your personality, and hardwear details, a bespoke garment requires multiple fittings and is considered the gold standard of fine tailoring.


Luckily for you, today there are much fewer rules to navigate the wedding dress code sarotial-mindfield and how you look on the big day is less rigid and totally up to you. If you know a skilled tailor (or you can just ask us) who has a good-eye and knows how to select great fabric, you are already off to a good start.

Of course you will need to consider your other half when picking out your look and wedding suit fabric (don’t forget a bowtie or tie and pocket square that pairs well), like the style of your partner's dress, the venue, time of year and of course the budget. You will also need to consider your best man, any other groomsmens and the father of the bride.

Once you have decided on your wedding location and the theme; uber-traditional, modern, super casual or laid back, style and colour of the garment, you will also need to consider the fabrics...and this is where we can help you and can shed some light on the various options.

Wool Suiting Fabrics

Traditionally used in men’s suiting for its versatility, breathability, and drape, wool fabric is by far the most common fabric used for wedding suits. It is a great choice, can be a light or heavy weight cloth and travels well. Other benefits of wool suiting fabric include: it has natural moisture-wicking qualities, it breathes well in warm weather helping to regulate body temperature, it’s durable and has elastic recovery or memory so the garment does not lose its shape). You can choose a wool cloth from the following fabric options:

  • A lightweight wool fabric usually features worsted yarns and a porous weave to promote airflow. A quality wool cloth is usually quite wrinkle-resistant, and has an impeccable drape. Also known as “tropical wool,” this cloth is perfect for a summer wedding suit.
  • A medium weight all-year-round wool fabric is perfect for weddings taking place in cooler climes. This wool fabric is breathable, allows for movement, and has a wonderful drape.
  • Suitable for winter suiting, wool flannel fabrics are fantastic for insulating body heat, as well as for layering in colder weather. Although less common for formal suiting, a wool flannel fabric may be worn by the fashion-forward crowd.

Mid Blue 'Super 150's' Australis Wool Suiting by Loro Piana


Linen Suiting fabrics

Made from flax, linen is a natural fabric that is a summer suiting favorite. Super lightweight and breathable, linen fabrics allow for the creation of a cool and airy suit. Linen suiting fabric has a natural tendency to crease, and is seen as a more casual option.  When half-lined, suits made from linen and worn with a crisp white shirt, will ensure a groom looks sharp while the temperatures soar - perfect for island wedding attire.

Light Taupe Woven Wool, Silk, Linen Blend Suiting by Loro Piana


Suiting Fabric Blends

Blended suiting fabrics are also an excellent alternative and offer a luxurious feel when blended with another quality yarn. A silk-and-mohair blend is perfect for a formal wedding suit or tuxedo - It is wrinkle resistant, the silk adds a sheen while the mohair allows for a fantastic drape. Silk-and-mohair fabric is breathable and ideal for a smart dinner jacket and trouser suit.

Black Jacquard Wool & Silk Suiting


Wool-and-linen blend fabrics also allow for lightness, drape beautifully and without wrinkles.

Cotton and linen also make a nice lightweight suiting fabric when blended. For a more sumptuous evening jacket, opt for a silk-wool blend cloth: the sheen of the silk takes over the matte hand of the wool. And if you’re looking to splurge on something really luxurious, a cashmere-silk blend is the ultimate fabric for your special day.

Prince of Wales Cashmere & Silk Tweed By Ermenegildo Zegna


Finally remember to soak up every moment and enjoy your wedding day. You will be surrounded by those you love most, feeling and looking your best. Don't sweat the small stuff that didn't go perfectly as planned because before you know it, 6-8 hours will have passed, the party will be over and your new life as a couple has just begun.