Wedding Dress Fabric: A Guide To All Of The Bridal Silks

Written By Robyn at Joel and Son Fabrics


Wedding Dress Fabric: A Guide To All Of The Bridal Silks

Silk is the most luxurious of fabrics, made entirely of natural fibres. It's an extremely popular choice for bridal fabric and comes in many forms and styles. Joel and Son Fabrics stocks an enormous range of beautiful, quality silks for use as wedding dress material, so we've put together this quick guide on the bridal silk fabrics available, to help you select the perfect one for your dream dress.

Silk chiffon

Silk Chiffon is a sheer and elegant fabric with a texture similar to crepe. It is both stronger and heavier than silk gauze, with a beautiful, soft drape. The method in which it is woven ensures that even the heaviest weights of silk chiffon remain sheer.

Shell Silk Chiffon

Silk cloque

Silk cloque is silk fabric that has been ‘blistered’ with patterns to create a textured, detailed effect.

White Floral Metallic Silk Cloqué

Silk Duchess Satin

Satin is a type of weave made with silk, with long floats of yarn on one side of the fabric that create a lustrous, shiny appearance. Duchess satin is a more matte, blended satin that is weightier and more durable than other forms of satin. It is the most common wedding dress material used today, used regularly in bridal fabric because of its sheen and medium body, whose slight heaviness gives it a wonderful ability to hold structure and shape. The fabric is also easily sewn, beaded and embroidered.

Vanilla Silk Mix Duchess Satin

Silk Dupion

Silk Dupion is similar to Silk Shantung, but is a little bit thicker and heavier, with a greater slub count. It is a crisp silk fabric and tightly weaved, which makes it appear very lustrous.

White Powerloom Silk Dupion

Silk Faille Grosgrain

Silk Faille is a soft silk that is ideal for wedding dress fabric. It is luxurious, with a subtle sheen and a ribbed pattern.

Ivory Silk Faille

Silk Georgette

Georgette silk is a lightweight, thin silk that creates a beautiful, ethereal looking wedding gown. It has a translucent, slightly dull appearance, ideal for layering over other wedding dress fabrics. The surface texture is slightly grainy, and the fabric's highly twisted yarns create a slight spring to the material. Georgette is often used as an alternative to silk chiffon, but the fabrics do have differences in quality and drape.

Ivory Triple Silk Georgette

Silk Jaquard

Silk jacquard is silk that has been woven with both matte and reflective thread, giving it a mix of lustres, dark and light. Jacquard is sometimes confused with brocade, but jacquards use a monochrome, heavier and denser weave.  Silk jacquard is a gorgeous bridal fabric that creates texture and life – it is most often woven with geometric patterns or floral and paisley designs.

Soft Cream Floral Silk Jacquard

Silk Organza

Silk organza is sheer, thin, plain weave fabric made from silk. Organza is often used as a wedding dress material when a stiff structure is required.

Silk organza and tulle are used similarly as bridal fabric. However, tulle is generally lighter than organza. Organza is much stiffer, so won’t have the same flowy appearance as tulle for certain cascading skirt styles. It is particularly effective for accents like bows and sashes. It can also come in embroidered styles which adds lovely detail to a bridal gown.

Ivory Silk Organza

Silk Gazar

Silk Gazar is a plain weave fabric that is made with high-twist double yarns woven together as one. It is smooth textured and feels crisp to the touch. Its ability to hold shape has led to its frequent use in bridal wear.

Ivory Floral Silk Gazar

Silk Satin

Satin is a type of weave made from silk – it is not a raw material, but an effect created by a particular construction. It has a smooth, shiny surface and the fabric usually has one glossy and one dull side.  Silk satin is a popular choice for wedding dress fabric because it falls beautifully and has a luxurious appearance. Pure silk satin is also hypoallergenic and breathes well.

Ivory Double Silk Satin

Silk Shantung

Silk shantung is often used for bridal gowns. It is similar to silk dupion – however, shantung is a little bit thinner and not as irregular, which makes it appear slightly shinier.

Ivory Powerloom Pintuck Shantung

Silk Taffeta

Silk Taffeta is a polished looking fabric made from pure silk. It is a crisp, finished silk (not raw), with a smooth, tightly woven yarn and plain weave which creates its glassy surface. The crispness of taffeta makes it perfect for bridal gowns requiring a bit of body or structure, and it comes in varying weights and textures.

Ivory Spotted Silk Taffeta