Repurposing Scrap Fabric & Materials - 5 Cool Ideas

Written By Coby Bull


Repurposing Scrap Fabric & Materials - 5 Cool Ideas

It is always recommended when buying fabric to buy more than you need. This allows for any mistakes, saving you time and money in the long run. However, like all fabric crafts, it is then also inevitable that you are left with extra fabric or scraps from your project. But why waste fabric that you most likely spent a long time choosing and a lot of money buying? There are a thousand ways you can repurpose scrap fabric and materials, but here are five easy/fun ones to get you started:


This is a simple little craft project ideal for all your future fabric projects! Use a few pieces of scrap sewn together to form a box or sphere and stuff with polyester fiberfill. The only other things you need are a needle and thread and your own two hands. Finish by sticking a few pretty pins or needles into the top and admire your handiwork!

Click here: How to make a pincushion (pictured below):

Hair piece

Whether you are looking for an easy, cheap gift to make or have some old headbands lying around, up-cycling is a great way to use your fabric scraps. Grab a wide headband and some fabric swatches and glue down the material with a hot glue gun. You can add batting to make it wider or puffier if need be.

Click here: How to make a hair piece (pictured below):

Pillow cover

Making a pillow case is often the first thing a crafter learns to do. If you want to inject some colour into your living room, why not re-cover some throw pillows? Either sew a number of fabric scraps together for a colourful jumble or get two larger scrap pieces for either side of the pillow and pedal away at that sewing machine!

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Art piece

Affordable artwork is surprisingly hard to find. But if you choose to do it yourself, it can be almost free! Grab your leftover fabric, a photo frame, some foam and some glue. The fabric is your art. You can choose to have a frameless piece by gluing the fabric to a piece of foam for hanging, or get a spare frame and cut the scrap to size. Cheap and easy!

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Small case

Coin purses and phone cases are very small, ideal for repurposing scrap fabrics. It is easy to sew a business card holder, an envelope bag, a glasses case, a gadget pouch or zip pouch with just few small pieces of leftover material. They also make a great gift for friends and family.

Click Here: How to make fabric phone case (pictured below):

Some other ways you can re-purpose your scrap fabric and leftover materials include as a broach cover, camera strap, key chain, a water bottle tote, a drink sleeve, a coaster and much more. What you choose to make is limited only by your imagination! We hope that you can make full use of all materials bought at Joel & Son – We’d love to hear/see your creations, please head over to our Facebook page and post pictures (and instructions) of your creations for all to see!