Written By Gabriella at Joel and Son Fabrics


Men's Style: The Velvet Dinner Jacket

Hear the words ‘velvet jacket’ and you’d be forgiven for imagining Hugh Hefner in his velvet smoking jacket, drifting through the grounds of the Playboy mansion with a busty blonde on each arm. But cast your prejudice aside. Recent fashion dictates have seen the velvet dinner jacket rise once more as a fashionable alternative to plain old woollen and cotton blazers, a stylish investment piece that lifts your classic suit jacket with rich texture. Men are showing up to black tie affairs in velvet tuxedos, and dressing velvet blazers down with a laid-back T-shirt and jeans for less formal moments.

Or accessorizing them with surly facial expressions, for a casual day out in New York. Hey Kanye!

Velvet is warm, which makes it friendly in colder temps, it looks good in many different colours, and it’s versatile. It works as dressier wear and it works as casual wear. Wearing one isn’t only comfortable – it’s also an easy way to add a little panache to your look, and liven up an outfit fit for many occasions.

Lewis Hamilton

Matthew McConaughey

Tom Ford

Jude Law


Dark Navy Blue Cotton Velvet
Plain Black Vintage Wash Velvet
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