Men at Work - The Three Work Suits a Man Needs

Written By Coby Bull


Men at Work - The Three Work Suits a Man Needs

“A well-tailored suit is to women, what lingerie is to men” – Tom Ford

There are certain fashion rules that men must obey, and a well-dressed suit is number one on the list. When choosing a work suit, you have to remember that this is going to be probably the most worn item of clothing in your wardrobe – and with that in mind, you have really got to get it right.

To help you perfect your selection, here is a breakdown of the three essential work suits that every man should own.

Harvey Spector, Suits

Consider the classic, most popular colours, grey and navy – these can be dressed both up and down and will take you through the day, from morning breakfast meetings to your evening after-work drinks.

A peak lapel is a great addition: Tom Ford makes his lapels wider and cuts the silhouette to give the wearer a slimmer waist and a powerful presence.
Pin stripe

Think Gordon Gekko in Wall Street. A pin stripe creates the illusion of height, which makes it a favourite amongst more discerning sartorial connoisseurs. Always consider the natural boldness of this suit pattern when choosing a shirt - not everyone is brave enough to keep it patterned, like Gordon here, so you can tone it down by wearing a plain shirt and patterned tie.

Prince of Wales check

Steve McQueen

If you are making a chequered suit, make sure that you buy enough extra fabric so that the pattern cutter has room to not cut off the design. A check is a great suiting look, and works beautifully in a strong double-breasted style. Popularised by Edward V11, this fabric’s rich royal history is maintained by Prince Charles, the current Prince of Wales.

Recreate the looks.
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