Marilyn Monroe’s Iconic 1962 Golden Globes Dress

Written By Nicole Bull


Marilyn Monroe’s Iconic 1962 Golden Globes Dress

In 1962, Marilyn Monroe graced the stage in an iconic V-neck sequinned dress by the designer, Norman Norell. Norell's deep emerald green dress for Monroe transcends time, displaying a freshness any A-list celebrity could wear it for an awards show this year, and nobody would ever suspect that it’s from seven decades ago.


The Golden Globes gown, a testament to Norell's artistry, remains one of Monroe's fashion legacies. Over the years, it has evolved into a collector's piece, achieving incredible status. In 1999, it made headlines at a Christie's auction of Monroe's estate, selling for an impressive $96,000.


The dress stands not only as a symbol of glamour but also as a timeless masterpiece, fascinating fashion enthusiasts across generations.


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