London Collections: Men Day 3

Written By Coby Bull


London Collections: Men Day 3

Day 3 started back at Victoria House with the Sibling show. Sibling is a design group of three designers -  Sid Bryan, Joe Bates and Cozette McCerry,

The show featured luxury knitwear mixed seamlessly with high quality faux fur collars to create a truly extravagant high end result.

Sibling also seemed to incorporate a lot of animal prints such as leopard for the creation of tracksuits, styled with a classic denim jacket.

Moving on to something different, the Baartman and Sigel show did not disappoint. Baartman and Siegel is a luxury menswear label that is trying to shape the landscape of contemporary menswear by providing fine craftsmanship and imaginative designs.

The models wore high quality cotton shirts paired with flannel jackets and incredible mink trench coats. Almost a nod to classic tailoring with a raw twist, Baartman and Sigel definitely left a lasting impression.

The last show of the season was Nasir Mazhar - the Turkish designer who is famous for his ‘box peak cap’.

Mazhar’s designs are very different to anything you are likely to see on the high street. The aesthetics of the collection seem to be a mix of streetwear & what could only be described as something designed with a nod to motocross - the more over-the-top the better. They used leather fabric with paneling and extremely colorful detailing and topped it all off with his name slapped across almost every aspect of every outfit from the cuffs to the waistbands.

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Overall this was one of the most interesting’s seasons in Menswear, and as men get more adventurous in what they wear it is clear that the market is split between the classics & the contemporary. I believe that a tailored suit, a bomber jacket, and well cut jumper are still the most important items in any mans wardrobe for 2014.