Lady In Red: The Best Red Dress Moments Of All Time

Written By Charlotte at Joel and Son Fabrics


Lady In Red: The Best Red Dress Moments Of All Time

Is there anything more ravishing than a lady in red (you've got that old 80s song stuck in your head now, haven't you)?
Wear a red dress with a great cut and rest assured, you're looking sensational. Want to know how to do it so right that everyone who lays eyes on you won't remember anything that's wrong? Flick through our red dress gallery of inspiration below. Remember seeing any of these for the first time?

A young Elizabeth Taylor in The Last Time I Saw Paris(1954). Looks like layers of silk chiffon, with sequinned embroidery around the waist. This dress would still look amazing on any modern red carpet.

Marilyn Monroe loved to pour herself into rich ruby tones and bright, vibrant reds, understanding full well the sultry allure of these colours. This image of her is dripping in vintage Monroe appeal.

Princess Diana, seen here in 1990, was a big fan of a good red dress. She loved this Victor Edelstein gown so much that she wore it eight times - don't blame you, Diana.

Cindy Crawford gives such consistently good red dress that we had to give her double props. First, this outrageously sexy silk chiffon, halter neck mini, worn for a Revlon event in 1990. Could anyone see this and not want to look exactly like her in this moment?

And our other top Cindy pick - wearing the Versace dress that went on it have its own wikipedia page! She was actually there with her big-time movie star boyfriend, Richard Gere, but let's face it, no-one was looking at Richard..

Don't recall all that much of The Mask (which came out in 1994), but we do remember shovelling M&Ms into our mouth as we gazed in awe at Cameron Diaz and wondered how we could become her, in that amazing red dress (hint: inhaling a bucket of M&Ms is probably not the first step to achieving that goal). Such a simple dress, but she looks so gorgeous, and it's a red moment that's stuck in our minds.

Penelope Cruz's strapless, red satin fishtail dress, 2004. She looks incredible.

Nicole Kidman's another one of our eternal fashion highlights. Her poppy red Balenciaga for the Oscars 2007 stands out as not only one of Nicole's best looks, but one of the best red carpet outings, ever.

Raquel Welch has still got it! Proving that you can rock a red dress at any age, at the John Wayne Cancer Institute Ball, 2011.

Classic Valentino. Anne Hathaway at the 2011 Oscars wearing a creation from her buddy, Mr V's Fall 2002 couture line. Elegant diamonds and claret-red lips perfect the overall look.

Jennifer Aniston wears black nine times out of ten, so seeing her in this lushly cherry-toned Valentino Haute Couture ball-gown, at the 2013 Academy Awards, was a treat. Great colour on her, curious about what shoes she's wearing, could be anything under there really. Pair of old converse? That'd be awesome.

Loooove Jennifer Lawrence in red. She goes for the colour quite a lot, but this dress that she wore to the 2014 Oscars is our all-time fave J-Law-in-red moment.

Azzedine Alaia used to say that he loved to design for the female form, to make women look and feel their sexiest. TICK! Rihanna doesn't get better than this moment in cherry red Alaia at the 2013 Grammys .

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