His Royal Cuteness

Written By Alicia Rennick


His Royal Cuteness

Just when we thought the little Prince couldn’t get any more gorgeous, a new set of snaps have been released in time for Christmas- and he’s looking very festive indeed! As proud holders of the Royal Warrant, Joel & Son can’t help but beam with joy when we saw these photographs of our future King.

The camera caught George in action whilst he perched on the courtyard steps at Kensington Palace. Showing off his adorably edible chubby cheeks and beautiful copper hair separated into a side parting, the Prince sported an equally sweet Polarn O. Pyret jumpsuit underneath a Cath Kidston sweater vest clad with, naturally, royal guards. The baby’s little legs poked through classic knicker-bocker style shorts and into long navy socks with navy T-bar shoes.

Although the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have expressed how their son, like many, spends as much time as possible playing games on their iPad; there is something timeless, even old fashioned, about his appearance in these photographs. These are the type of pictures that would make your heart swell and will undoubtedly take front centrepiece on his great grandma’s mantle piece.

The three frames are rumoured to have been taken by Ed Lane Fox, a trusted member of staff and previously a freelance photographer.

BBC Royal Correspondent Peter Hunt says William and Catherine are publishing these images partly to thank the paparazzi for not leaking any pictures of the young Prince prior to this.

All photographs used are for illustrative purposes only