Dress like Don Draper

Written By Coby Bull


Dress like Don Draper


Mad Men’s Don Draper is a man for whom style is as innate as breathing. Whether he’s winning business in a classic suit, or winning ladies in slick black tie, he imbues each look with sartorial panache and appears impeccable wherever he goes.

Take some fashion tips from Mr Draper. Stick to the classics and do them well. A timeless white shirt, French style cuffs slightly revealed under the jacket, and simple cuff-links, are always elegant, as long as your shirt is well fitted. A white dress shirt is the anchor for most of Don Draper’s wardrobe. It is always perfectly fit, and though he rarely deviates from the colour, he plays around a bit with styles to keep things interesting. A weekend office look, aka a little less formal but still professional. Try a crisp white shirt and a slim v-neck knit.


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A laid-back business trip to warmer climes. Pair a fresh blue linen blazer with your white shirt and a simple navy tie. You’ll look chilled out, as well as feel literally cooler, in linen.


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As classic as his wardrobe generally is, Don Draper is a creative after all, and no one can do dapper with a touch of flair like Sterling Cooper’s maddest of men. Put a twist on a basic, but noticeable element of your tuxedo shirt. Going Black Tie? Elevate your starched white shirt with black silk covered buttons like Don’s. And for White Tie? His gold buttons definitely do the trick!

New Years Eve party? Throw a bit of personality into your look with a statement coat or jacket – it’s given room to breathe by the plain white shirt underneath that holds things back and stops it from looking completely outrageous.


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As for ties, Draper’s choices are usually conventional. He selects mostly dark, muted tones in either one colour, a textured pattern or a diagonal stripe that matches his suit. Nothing too outlandish or garish, which ensures that he looks smart and professional at all times, and his fabrics tend towards plain weaves and satins. His ties are worn skimming the belt line, or just above it, the traditional length you'll never go wrong with. Finally, do as Don does and add a tie pin on occasion, for a little extra kick.

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