Closing Soon

Written By Brenagh


Closing Soon

Our competition is drawing to a close. Here is a line-up of our finalists!


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1. Shelly Tindale
Fabric: Joel & Son Metal Armour.

2. Elizabeth March
Fabric: Joel & Son Wool Crepe, Silk polka dots and Pique.

3. Luke Archer
Joel & Son Silk Brocade and Silk Jacquard.

4. Dawn Johnson
Joel & Son Cotton Pique.

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5. Scott Nash.
Fabric: Joel & Son Hi Tech.

6. Pam Haworth.
Fabric: Joel & Son Silk.

7. Helen Colville
Fabric: Joel & Son Cotton.

8. Nneka Uzoigwe
Fabric: Mix of Silks all from Joel & Son.

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9. Rosemary Campbell
Fabric: Joel & Son Silk.

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11. Luke Rooney
Fabric: Joel & Son Faux Mongolian Fur.

12. Elizabeth Morris
Fabric: Joel & Son Silk Chiffon, Silk Satin, Silk Crepe & Valentino trim.