Best Dressed Men Of The Week 18.01.2019

Written By Coby Bull


Best Dressed Men Of The Week 18.01.2019

Best dressed men of the week.
Who is this week's best dressed man?

There is nothing about this Armani tux, or Milo Ventimiglia in it, that isn't perfect.

'Homecoming' star, Stephan James, proves that no colour is off limits for suits, whilst appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

David Beckham does a great job convincing everyone to wear v-neck cardigans, arriving in Paris for Men's Fashion Week.

A lot of unconventional suiting was seen at The Critics Choice Awards, amongst which was this awesome Brioni look from John Krasinski.

Mahershala Ali in a patterned green robe is further evidence that he will be a big player in the best dressed men lists of 2019.