Best Dressed Men Of The Week 09.11.18

Written By Gabriella at Joel and Son Fabrics


Best Dressed Men Of The Week 09.11.18

Best Dressed Men At The WSJ Magazine Innovator Awards
Who was the best dressed man at the event?

Usually when we see Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum together, it's for a 21 Jump Street movie but tonight, it's all about Jonah's dark blue suit, beautifully accentuated with a smart, self-patterned navy tie.

When your wife looks this good, it would be rude not to show up and look absolutely perfect as well. Nice, John Legend.

New kid on the fashion king block, Louis Vuitton's Virgil Abloh, with the old master, Ralph Lauren. Both look great. Never change guys.

Channing Tatum's sleek, grey-toned three piece suit is a real style high for him.

Elegant in Prada for Alexander Skarsgård, who consistently makes brown turtlenecks look better than you ever thought they could.