10 things every man should know about making a suit

Written By Alicia Rennick


10 things every man should know about making a suit

Savile Row in London introduced the world to beautiful suiting in the early 1800s. Originally known for military uniforms and dressing Royalty; Savile Row dressed the likes of Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde and the Maharajah. From then on the demand for bespoke suiting spread like wild-fire and continued into the 1900’s when the Row attired JFK, Fred Astair and Cary Grant among others. Whilst the tailors are now famously tight lipped about who their clientel are; Savile Row introduced a craft that is now practiced by many.

Wether it is because of difficult sizing or for the pure luxury of having a bespoke suit made; the demand is ludicrous. Although purchasing a suit off the rail is convenient and most likely to be the lower cost option nowadays… having a tailor made suit wether it be bespoke or computer assisted will give the wearer an incredible feeling. If anyone understands suiting they know these garments follow intricate and fundamental measurements. Try it to believe it! The process in itself is even fun. Selecting your very own fabriclining and buttons make it all the more personal!

The three-piece suit below is made from amazing Loro Piana suiting fabrics and designed by our very own tailor Kabiru (the owner of Sartorial Style) for our e-commerce director; Coby Bull. The composition is a Wool and Cashmere flannel from the pin-stripe range and as you can undoubtedly notice, there is a fun printed pure silk twill lining for that extra luxury. Business on the outside, party on the inside!


As you can see the waistcoat has four buttons, slanted side pocket detailing and fits impeccably across the shoulders. The grey tone of the flannel is very smart and looks great with all colour shirting’s. We love pastel colours with dark blue as they are complimentary. 

A loop hole closure is featured at the back to tighten or widen the waistcoat.

We stock an amazing selection of top quality suiting from Loro piana, Ermengildo ZegnaScabal and many other luxury designers. Our incredible suiting selection is the epitome of luxury, carefully selected by the buyer for Joel & Son and tested by our customers.

Below we teach you how to avoid becoming the next sucker with bespoke buyer’s remorse.

1.)  If you are tall we recommend a single-breasted, two-button jacket. AVOID stripes if possible because they’ll only elongate your further, why not try one of our spectacular Prince of Wales check instead?

2.)  If you are short go for a single breasted, two-button jacket. We recommend neutral colours.

3.)  For the larger man a single- breasted, two-button jacket will be wonderful in dark solid colours.

4.)  For the slim man pinstripes and windowpanes are fabulous.

5.)  A lightweight suit is often recommended. Consider linen for holidays, outdoor weddings and parties.

6.)  Medium weight suits are usually made from wool and suit most frames.

7.)  A heavy weight suit is 100% pure wool, typically blue or grey pinstripe. If you wear suits daily you may need a couple to avoid wearing the material. This fabric is best in cold climates.

8.)  Don’t iron wool suits. Dry cleaning is always the best option.

9.)  When wearing either single or double-breasted suit jackets; always leave the bottom button undone, failing to do this is a major fashion faux-pas.

10.) You are unique and your style should be too!

So please be invited to shop our extensive suiting fabrics here at Joel & Son either online or in store where we will be delighted to assist you. After all… who doesn’t want a perfect suit made from scratch?