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Founded in 1976, Mirpuri Bespoke has been dedicated to the art of bespoke tailoring. The aim has always been to provide the highs levels of craftsmanship and personal service. Quality is one of our key values - we guarantee that each of our suits meet the standards set by the Savile Row Bespoke Association. As such, each of our suits is cut by one Master Cutter, there is a choice of over 2,000 fabrics and at least 50 man hours are spent creating each and every bespoke suit. Bespoke tailoring is, and has always been, about more than just unparalleled craftsmanship; it is also about the relationship with one’s tailor. It is a very personal relationship that is based on trust and built up over time. It is the role of your tailor to act as a guide to fabrics and cuts that both complement you and showcase your own personal style. We believe that bespoke tailoring is a lifestyle choice; it is not limited purely to suits and shirts but encompasses your entire wardrobe. Our collection of fabrics has expanded to include more casual wear such as jeans, shorts, polo shirts and even swimwear.

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