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The Cherry Effect & How To Tie A Head Scarf

This week at Joel and Son we had a very special guest come in and visit us - the lovely Cherry Dalton. The renowned artist joined us to create a special edit of our designer scarves, exclusively for you lucky online shoppers.

Cherry spent hours with us draping silk scarves over bags and wrapping them stylishly around her head to demonstrate exactly how to tie the perfect head scarf.

Here’s what she showed us:

1. Fold scarf into a perfect triangle.

2. Drape it over your head with the long edge of the triangle across your upper forehead.

3. Cross the ends of the scarf firmly under your chin.

4. Bring the ends to the back or side of your neck.

5. Tie ends in a square knot.

Cherry also picked out her favourite scarves and displayed them artistitically as if they were paintings.

Creating a floating effect by hovering them from ceiling.

To see more of Cherry's edit check out our scarf category online now!

(Cherry Dalton and Coby Bull)

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