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Four Fast Facts On Lace

Beautiful, feminine lace has always been a couture staple. This delicate 'openwork' fabric is popular for both day and evening-wear, and is of course, an enduring bridal choice.

Joel & Son Fabrics stocks an extensive range of the finest quality lace, from guipure, corded and chantilly, to embroidered, beaded and printed lace.

Lipstick Red Chantilly Lace


Want to learn more about this much-loved fabric? Read on for four quick things to know about lace.


(1) Where did lace originate?

Whilst a definite time and place for the first ever lace, as we know it,  cannot be pinpointed, it is believed that what we recognise as lace originated in the early 16th century in Europe.


(2) What yarns are laces made from?

Lace can be woven with cotton, silk or rayon.


Bronze Metallic Corded Lace

Plum Beaded Chantilly Lace

(3) When did machine-made lace replace hand-made lace?

Towards the end of the 18th century, the Industrial Revolution saw the introduction of machinery that replaced human labour. The painstaking process of hand weaving lace was soon over-taken with machines producing amazing designs.


White/Silver Metallic Corded Lace


(4) The most expensive lace dresses of all time?

There was an incredible resurgence of lace when the Duchess of Cambridge married Prince William in 2011 in exquisite hand-cut chantilly lace...


...not to be outdone by Amal Clooney's Oscar de la Renta bridal gown (for her marriage to George Clooney), which featured intricate French Lace and a price-tag of $380,000.



We just love these new, richly coloured guipure laces, perfect for Spring/Summer fashion. For more guipure lace, and to view our other gorgeous laces, shop here.

Rich Red Guipure Lace

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