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Fashion week favourites -PARIS

Louis Vuitton

It's the big one. Paris, where dreams are made... and love. All the big names gather for the biggest  fashion week schedule of them all. It's the city that presents the most opportunity for the designers that show there, so are we losing our British bests to the city of baguettes?

Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen seem to favour the French side but it makes for one exciting week! Here are our favourites from Paris, alongside our fabrics which you can use to get the look for your own wardrobe. Get ahead and start thinking about Spring while you finish the last stitches on your winter coat. Who doesn't enjoy thinking about Spring anyway?


Use crisp, white shirting. Make sure it's not too light so that it drapes nicely. It has to be 100% Cotton or have a dash of silk  for the luxurious feel that you're after.

Click on the Joel & Son Fabric image to shop shirting.


Dior showed us how to use our stripy silks in a way that we adore! A classic midi silhouette with a flattering waist seam to give your stripes volume.

Click on the Joel & Son Fabric image to shop striped silk.


#driesvannotenDries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten used metallics, layers and textures to create this amazing collection. Layering is always worth the thought and extra time because when used, it can add drama and uniqueness. We love all of these metallics and luckily we offer plenty of options for you to get this look. Pleat before sewing to get the Dries look.

Click on the Joel & Son Fabric image to shop Lamé.


Elie Saab didn't disappoint with their famous feminine traffic-stoppers. Fabric on the perfect evening dress should catch your eye long before you see the seams and fastenings. Be sure to only ever pick fabric you fall in love with when wanting that special something. You'll know it when you see it.

Click on the Joel & Son Fabric image to shop Eveningwear.


Ah, the ambassador of fun! We saw more colour at Galliano than usual this season and we LOVE it. We especially like any 3D textures for fun, imaginative garments. And we LOVE the drama.

Click on the Joel & Son Fabric image to shop our similar 3D flowers.


If you're going to purchase one piece of fabric for Spring 2014, it is starting to look like metallic would be the best investment. We have seen it in all sizes and shapes, the new technologies revolving around the shades of metallic are incredible and we can't wait to see what our customers make with these amazing living lamé fabrics.

Click on the Joel & Son Fabric image to shop our Lamé/ Metallics.

#manish-aroraManish Arora

Famous for his excellent use of colour, the Indian designer is always inspirational. This season he used fruity accessories, and crazy 'party' prints as I like to call them. We love these dresses for their floaty, flirty and fun attitude. Wear any time, any occasion. We should all have a printed something in our wardrobe.

Click on the Joel & Son Fabric image to shop our Printed Silk.

#nina-ricciNina Ricci

At Nina Ricci, we were pleasantly delighted to be reminded that white isn't just for the Brides! It's romantic and pure and charmingly innocent. To get this look use embellished lace and wear it with minimalistic outerwear. Don't be afraid to appliqué more embellishments on your chosen fabric -more is more!

Click on the Joel & Son Fabric image to shop our beaded lace.


We adore texture and have a huge range of amazing Cloques of all shapes and sizes. By default, we tend to use it a lot in dresses and skirts but why not have a tailored pair of shorts or trousers in Cloque?!

Click on the Joel & Son Fabric image to shop Cloque.

#STELLAStella McCartney

McCartney was doing things 100% her way this season and the reception was very positive indeed. As we accept that the fashion circle is bringing the 90's silhouettes back, we start THINKING about how to embrace the 'nightie' look for next spring. At Stella McCartney, they made that easier for us as we were thrown some gorgeous midnight dresses with lace panels and straps of silk.

Click on the Joel & Son Fabric image to shop Corded Lace.

#YSL_0918.450x675Saint Laurent

As per usual, the tailoring at Saint Laurent didn't disappoint. In the female suiting world, these are the geniuses to follow. Again, we are looking to the 90's for deep plunging necklines but keep those shoulders powerful, and trousers fitted. See suiting in the blog for how to choose the right wool, silk-wool blend or silk wool mikado.

Click on the Joel & Son Fabric image to shop Suiting.


Layering is fun and makes any outfit look a bit more stylish and put together, but unfortunately in the Spring when it's hot and muggy the options are significantly slimmer. Netting has been used as of late but we love the drapey technique at Celine. Apply embellishments around the hem for extra floaty effects. Sexy but modest. News that next Spring Summer 14, there will be a lot more flesh on display.

Click on the Joel & Son Fabric image to shop Netting.



Chanel is the show where we can never predict what Mr Lagerfeld will create and we never know what to expect. This year we were delighted to see so many fabrics that are so similar to our own! If you've visited us before, then you will be well aware that we stock an endless amount of Chanel inspired fabric, but some of the similarities for Spring 2014 are incredible. You also might like to know that Joel & Son follow Mr Karl closely and always try to have inspired creations for that elegant but funky suit or dress and jacket.

Click on the Joel & Son Fabric images to shop Dogtooth or Boucle.


And no, we don't sell plastic, although our High-Tech division is growing week by week. Gary loves buying obscure textures and finishes but I have to leave you with this image from the Chalayan show. Round of applause for the amazing accessories!!




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