Iconic Dresses

Making Iconic Dresses from Movies

Just like Celine Dion’s ballad in the film Titanic, the cast are not the only thing to make a movie memorable. Creating stunning, eye-catching garments means costume designers certainly have their work cut out. Hidden in plain view, clothing can set up a character, give the foundation for a particular period in time and inspire the real world. Without further ado, here are some of our favourite examples that can be recreated using materials currently available …

Julia Roberts – Pretty Woman

That famous laugh and those greedy white gloved fingers, Vivian’s transformation melted the heart of her on-screen co-star, Edward. The dress from this movie is the highlight of the film, creating a star out of the hooker character with a beautiful draped, shoulder-revealing fire engine red, floor brushing dress made from silk crêpe de chine.

Marilyn Monroe – The Seven Year Itch

This is perhaps one of the most famous movie dresses of all time. The scene where Monroe stands above a gateway grating, blowing her dress up, is considered iconic and women all over the world try to replicate it. Featuring a halter neck that enhanced Monroe’s best assets and a long A-line skirt, the white chiffon dress flattered any body type, but shone on Monroe.

Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast at Tiffany's

The epitome of the Little Black Dress - this outfit was all about style and class, hugging Hepburn’s body in all the right places. Created by close friend and designer, Givenchy, the dress is simple and sophisticated, highlighted by touches of diamonds around Hepburn’s neck and set into her bun.

Nicole Kidman - Moulin Rouge

This movie featured a whole host of spectacular dresses, but one that shone above the rest was definitely Nicole Kidman’s dress when she was desperate to seal the deal with the unscrupulous Duke of Monroth. Period appropriate, the outfit featured a tight, laced up bodice in red silk with a long A-line silk taffeta skirt, train and prominent bustle. The outfit was made complete with jet black elbow high gloves and a neat up-do.

The movies are excellent for dress inspiration whether it be for a special occasion or even just as fancy dress!