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The Two Fabric Trends That Defined 2018: Faux Fur And Velvet

Unless you spent 2018 underwater, you probably noticed an explosion of faux fur and velvet in fashion this year. These two fabric trends were absolutely everywhere, filtering down from the couture runways and adding a touch of (animal cruelty-free) glamour to wardrobes everywhere.

Stella McCartney

We looked on with pride as London Fashion Week became the first international fashion event to ban genuine fur, and we watched as faux fur trims, collars, jackets and coats became ubiquitous on catwalks, in high-end design and all over the high street. Faux fur is a man-made imitation of fur, but wearing it doesn't mean sacrificing your style. Decent quality versions are indistinguishable from the real thing, whether it's a short pile, long-haired and shaggy, or a densely woven, heavy leopard print like Kendall Jenner's.


Kendall Jenner

Velvet too was a fashion mainstay this year. Saint Laurent, Prabal Gurung, and a host of other designers featured luxe-looking velvet pieces in their 2018 and 2019 collections, and Ralph Lauren filled his 50th-anniversary show at New York Fashion Week with the sumptuous fabric.

Saint Laurent

Ralph Lauren

It even made its way firmly into male fashion, with velvet evening jackets, seen on a plethora of stylish men all over the place, a trend unlikely to disappear any time soon.

John Legend

As the new year kicks into gear, the taste for velvet and faux fur shows no sign of abating. We love both fabrics here at Joel & Son Fabrics, and stock a wide range of each that's constantly updated with new deliveries. Browse through our online fur and velvet selections.


Velvet Touch

Burnt Orange Plain Velvet
Soft Purple Plain Velvet

Faux Fur - The ultimate fashion fabric investment.

Deep Brown Faux Fur
Snow Leopard Printed Faux Fur