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  1. The 12 Most Popular Wedding Dress Fabrics

    The 12 Most Popular Wedding Dress Fabrics

    Whether you consider yourself a classic, modern or more alternative bride, there’s a wedding look for you to ensure you feel magnificent on your wedding day. If you want a timeless or modern fairy tale dress, sculptural bridal separates that can be styled in different ways for endless mileage, a statement making non-traditional ivory jumpsuit or cool perfectly cut two-piece wedding suit that you can enjoy for years to come, selecting your bridal garment and fabric is a big part of the planning process. With so many styles to choose from and keeping in mind the wedding destination, time of year, the venue, guest dress code, the budget and so much more, selecting your wedding garment (and suitable fabric) to celebrate your big day and personal style, can feel like a lot of pressure, and it should be fun! 


  2. The New Little Black Dress

    The New Little Black Dress

    You probably have a little black dress that has solved your wardrobe dilemma of what to wear on many occasions. With a storied history (since 1926), this humble closet workhorse, with limitless potential and universal appeal, has managed to strike the perfect balance of being practical, versatile, elegant and effortless. It’s no wonder it's a crucial part of every woman's wardrobe. It goes with just about everything and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the dress code. It's the dress that makes you feel your best self and that is why we love it!

    So is there any point in investing in another LBD when your sartorial security blanket is timeless, fits well and does the job? Coco Chanel went through many revolutionary changes in fashion, and so the LBD must honour its founder, and evolve with the times.

    This season, designers have revisited this wardrobe staple and turned the humble LBD into a wardrobe hero.  Keeping simplicity a keynote in the designs (