1. Men's Suiting Trend: Burgundy

    Men's Suiting Trend: Burgundy

    Liven up your classic suit wardrobe. Burgundy toned suiting is the modern gentleman's choice for dapper style that stands out. More fun than traditional greys and navies, yet still a practical suiting investment that will take you from weddings, to weekends, to boardrooms, with ease.

    Armie Hammer

    Joel & Son Fabrics has an amazing men's suiting fabric department. We stock an unbelievable range of suiting fabrics, including many in trending shades of burgundy, claret red, muted plum and rich bordeaux. Try something new and shop our Men's Suiting range online now - and if you cannot find what you

  2. Enter, The Modern Dinner Jacket

    Enter, The Modern Dinner Jacket

    The tuxedo/dinner jacket. Whatever you want to call it, a formal evening jacket is the quickest way to slick, as long as you nail the fit.

    (Daniel Craig as James Bond)

    Tuxes were named after an American socialite in the 1800s. Traditionally they were black or dark blue, with grosgrain or satin lapels, but these days, anything goes really, patterned, brocade, velvet, pastel - just make it sharp. And adding a bowtie? Your call.

  3. A Guide to Men's Dress Shirts - How to Get it Right

    A Guide to Men's Dress Shirts - How to Get it Right

    The classic men’s dress shirt is a wardrobe staple and generally the centre-piece of any man's outfit. An ill-fitting shirt can really ruin your appearance, but it’s not always easy finding one that’s perfectly cut for your body.  You may instinctively dismiss bespoke shirting as a costly option, however it often works out at the same price you would pay for an off the rack designer brand, so it really is worth investing a little and getting it 'made to fit'. Just as a badly worn shirt can destroy your look, a well fitted one can truly enhance it.

    Ryan Gosling


  4. Master of the Suit - A chat with Faiyaz Amlani from Sartor London

    Master of the Suit - A chat with Faiyaz Amlani from Sartor London

    What Faiyaz Amlani, of ‘Sartor London’ doesn’t know about tailoring isn’t worth knowing. Recently voted Best Luxury Bespoke Tailor in the Middle East by Debonair Magazine, Sartor London’s elite clientele includes royalty, and spans multiple continents, from the UK, to America, Asia and the Middle East.

    All of Sartor’s clients return for the same reason: Faiyaz and partner James Armstrong provide a service that goes beyond simply measuring, cutting and delivering an impeccably hand-crafted, customised suit. They strive to create a full experience for their customers, and cultivate a relationship that allows them to truly understand their tastes, their lifestyle, and who they are. The result is magnificent suiting, constructed from only the very highest quality materials, that perfectly conveys the personality and the style of each individual

  5. 8 London Tailoring Brands Rocking Pinterest Right Now!

    8 London Tailoring Brands Rocking Pinterest Right Now!

    Pinterest has taken the fashion industry by storm, offering a brilliant inspiration platform that has garnered a huge following of shopper friendly individuals and trendsetters. Because of this, brands are now seeing the benefits of being found on the platform, with research suggesting that customers spend more money (£47.53 on average) when they convert from a Pinterest referral than any other social referral.

    Stats aside, we have taken a look into some of our respected tailoring neighbours in London making the most of this platform to see what they are doing well and why you should follow them for great fashion inspiration:


    A suit maker with a classic feel, Huntsman’s Pinterest is all ab

  6. Last Minute Gift Ideas

    Last Minute Gift Ideas

    Tis the season to be jolly but if you are verging more toward stressed because, like many, you have left your Christmas shopping to the last minute… Joel & Son have some great suggestions for you!

    Perhaps buying socks and books are becoming monotonous and you do not know what else to buy; a Silk scarf could be just the right thing.

    Already developed into a luxurious product, these accessories are classic style staples and one of the best gifts to receive because you can never have too many of either! Made from only the best Silk and designed by crafted artisans, these scarves are not only decadent but also fashionable too! Yes, we know what you are thinking… what a life saver! Have a look at some of our favourites below.

  7. His Royal Cuteness

    His Royal Cuteness

    Just when we thought the little Prince couldn’t get any more gorgeous, a new set of snaps have been released in time for Christmas- and he’s looking very festive indeed! As proud holders of the Royal Warrant, Joel & Son can’t help but beam with joy when we saw these photographs of our future King.

    The camera caught George in action whilst he perched on the courtyard steps at Kensington Palace. Showing off his adorably edible chubby cheeks and beautiful copper hair separated into a side parting, the Prince sported an equally sweet Polarn O. Pyret jumpsuit underneath a Cath Kidston sweater vest clad with, naturally, royal guards. The baby’s little legs poked through classic knicker-bocker style shorts and into long navy socks with navy T-bar shoes.

    Although the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have expressed how their son, like many, spends as much time as possible playing games o

  8. Emerging trends from London Collections: Men SS15

    Emerging trends from London Collections: Men SS15

    Over the past week I attended London Collections, Men SS15 to check out the latest trends and styles from the UK’s best designers.

    Whilst the boys in Brazil were struggling through the World Cup, here in London, we were focused on spotting the most talented up-and-coming designers and key Menswear trends.

    We noticed the focus has definitely shifted away from the formal tailoring to a more relaxed approach. We also saw a lot of denim, floral and stripes dominating the catwalk.

    One of the highlights of the week came from the new creative director of Moschino, (new to the London schedule) Jeremy Scott with his debut menswear show. Scott used a lot of 90s inspired colours and an American pop sensibility with a collection that will undoubtedly have his fans queuing round the block when it becomes available later this year.

  9. London Collections: Men Day 3

    London Collections: Men Day 3

    Day 3 started back at Victoria House with the Sibling show. Sibling is a design group of three designers -  Sid Bryan, Joe Bates and Cozette McCerry,

    The show featured luxury knitwear mixed seamlessly with high quality faux fur collars to create a truly extravagant high end result.

    Sibling also seemed to incorporate a lot of animal prints such as leopard for the creation of tracksuits, styled with a classic denim jacket.

    Moving on to something different, the Baartman and Sigel show did not disappoint. Baartman and Siegel is a luxury menswear label that is trying to shape the landscape of contemporary menswear by providing fine craftsmanship and imaginative designs.

    The models wore

  10. Fur for the boys.

    Fur for the boys.

    All this talk of (faux) fur and we seem to have left the boys out! This editorial for Grazia has the perfect measurements of fur to inspire you on this Menswear Monday, to go a little wild. Ryad Slimani is shot by Roman Goebel in this editorial that is too cool for school.

  11. What is Vicuña?

    What is Vicuña?

    Before the 1960's Vicuna was worn a lot by the worlds most dapper of personalities. Now, unfortunately it is less common and rarely seen in our suiting fabric, making it very expensive to the untrained eye. But let me explain the luxury of Vicuna. Peru's national animal is wild and never farmed. Once every three years a half-religious ceremony takes place where the local community forms a human chain around the wild packs of vicuna, and slowly close in on them for shearing.

    This occurs so distantly because the Vicuna only produces very small amounts of wool which is extremely fine. By the sixties, the Vicuna had become very endangered, and was down to the last 6000 by 1974. However after being protected under Inca law, the population is recovering.

  12. Menswear Monday

    Menswear Monday