Savile Row in London introduced the world to beautiful suiting in the early 1800s. Originally known for military uniforms and dressing Royalty; Savile Row dressed the likes of Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde and the Maharajah. From then on the demand for bespoke suiting spread like wild-fire and continued into the 1900’s when the Row attired JFK, Fred Astair and Cary Grant among others. Whilst the tailors are now famously tight lipped about who their clientel are; Savile Row introduced a craft that is now practiced by many.

Wether it is because of difficult sizing or for the pure luxury of having a bespoke suit made; the demand is ludicrous. Although purchasing a suit off the rail is convenient and most likely to be the lower cost option nowadays… having a tailor made suit wether it be bespoke or computer assisted will give the wearer an incredible feeling. If anyone understands suiting they know these garments follow intricate and fundamental measurements. Try it to believe it!