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  1. London Collections: Men Day 3

    London Collections: Men Day 3

    Day 3 started back at Victoria House with the Sibling show. Sibling is a design group of three designers -  Sid Bryan, Joe Bates and Cozette McCerry,

    The show featured luxury knitwear mixed seamlessly with high quality faux fur collars to create a truly extravagant high end result.

    Sibling also seemed to incorporate a lot of animal prints such as leopard for the creation of tracksuits, styled with a classic denim jacket.

    Moving on to something different, the Baartman and Sigel show did not disappoint. Baartman and Siegel is a luxury menswear label that is trying to shape the landscape of contemporary menswear by providing fine craftsmanship and imaginative designs.

    The models wore

  2. London Collection: Men AW14 - Day 1 and 2

    London Collection: Men AW14 - Day 1 and 2

    This week I attended London Collection: Men AW14, a three day menswear event equivalent to fashion week which is now in its fourth season.

    Day 1

    Not knowing what to expect first up was Astrid Andersen, the Danish graduate of the Royal College of Art,  Astrid is famous for creating sports clothing using hip –hop references whilst using more feminine materials and colours such as baby blue lace.

    As the show kicked off it did not let down, with most of the models wearing Astrids classic ‘Astrid’ logo-ed tops it the blue lace overlays tops that really stood out. Along with tracksuits in high quality Italian wool, Astrid seems to make luxury street style work.

    Day 2