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  1. Silky Smooth

    Silky Smooth

    As a company that’s known for its silk, we can’t help but notice the rise in the use of it in designer’s latest menswear collections, and we are not referring to the subtle silk satin fronts of the classic black tie waistcoat, discreet suit linings or Hugh Hefner style dressing gowns. It's as if Mr Miami Vice has made a comeback, but this time he isn't just sporting the contemporary incarnation of the silk shirt, he's alsp got the silk suit.

    But when silk is in the hands of design geniuses such as Haider Ackerman and Maison Martin Margiela, this beautiful cloth is given a dash of attitude with bold florals or roaming animals prints against a backdrop of tattoos and suddenly there’s something cleverly cool about it. Look at Shantung and Taffeta for a sharp, crisp suit and if the idea of this trend still makes your heart race, then maybe start with a slightly more so

  2. Four Seasons in a Day

    Four Seasons in a Day

    Yes it’s September – one of the more depressing months of the year, some might say with the approach of Autumn on its way. It's hard to believe given today’s downpour, that just a few days ago the thermometre hit 30 degrees. The last of the summer sun has just about passed and autumn weather is brewing. It’s that in-between time of year where the autumn rain has begun but the temperature is still mild enough to be in lightweight clothing. This 'neither-here-nor-there' transformation period poses the same wardrobe dilemma year after year - do we wear out our summer lightweights or do we prematurely get out the winter woolies?

    Thank goodness for the Resort collections. It’s the warm-summer garments and the light-winter pieces all mixed together to create the perfect outfit for weather like today. It’s for those four-seasons-in-a-day, days. On today’s Menswear Monday, we are inspired by this shoot for August Man Magazine, starring Luca

  3. Menswear Mondays - Choosing the Right Wool for your Suit

    Menswear Mondays - Choosing the Right Wool for your Suit

    Super 150s? Pure wool? Wool stretch? What does it all mean? Choosing a suit cut and colour is difficult enough, but choosing the right wool fabric for your suit can be even trickier. Here we are going to explain a little more about these suiting terms and how to get it right.

    Wool is the most popular choice of fabric for suiting, as it can be worn all year round. Super 100's, 120’s, 150’s etc. denote the various wool suiting fabric types available, and although you may not understand this jargon, we are going to explain it so that next time you decided to buy or have a suit made, you will do it with confidence. 

    The term ‘Super’ originated in England as a means of proving grading for the best wool. In the USA, Super numbers may be refered to as Choice Wool. Supers refer specifically to the fineness of the wool fibres. Simply, the higher the Super number, the finer the woo