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  1. Menswear Mondays.

    Menswear Mondays.


    Sportswear isn't necessarily sweaty shirts and couch-potato slacks, it is a refined category of high fashion garments that are comfortable to move in. Sportswear was initially introduced to accommodate the fast-paced American woman's lifestyle. If we go right back to the beginning, to a time where formality was still a romantic importance, the term sportswear was used for informal, changeable garments such as blouses, skirts and shorts, typically worn to spectator sports. Since then, the term sportswear has been used to describe many garments from day wear to evening wear that have an active signature to their look. Sportswear comes in a range of formality and can still be appropriate for business and social occasions, but the one thing in common, is comfort.

  2. Menswear Mondays.

    Menswear Mondays.

    Left to right: Raf Simons, Dries Van Noten, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Gucci

    Always a key print in womenswear, floral has had a huge impact in the Menswear shows of Spring 2014. I might be jumping the gun a bit here, but while it's summery (ish) why not start contemplating the concept of crops. Designers have been dabbling in the idea for the past while so the men should have received their warm up, before diving in head first to these collections that were drowning in florals.

  3. Menswear Mondays

    Menswear Mondays