Written By Brenagh


Mo's Bows

Moziah Bridges

In these economic times when there are those who feel grateful to even have a job, we can’t help but admire the ambitious, hard working little entrepreneurs that are hiding in parts of the world. If your thinking about starting a business in any area of the fashion industry, great or small, this young man will inspire you.

Meet Mo from Memphis, who started his business at a very young 9 years old in 2011  after his grandmother taught him how to sew, and gave him her scrap fabric. Referring to himself as a “young dapper man”, Mo just felt good when wearing Bow ties and wanted to share that with the world. After coming from a string of men who liked to wear 3 piece suits, it’s no wonder he enjoys dressing well. He currently sells his many types of bow ties on Etsy and estimates to have made £20,000 since he started.

And as a very young, new businessman, Mo continues to impress the world by also founding his scholarship to send local children from Glenview-Edgewood Manor Neighborhood, to summer camps to keep them out of trouble. "I see kids outside getting in trouble so I thought if I send them to summer camp they won't get in that much trouble so I made these bow ties called the 'Go Mo scholarship bow tie' and it helps." The scholarship is funded from 100% of the proceeds from the scholarship bow tie.

Images sourced from Mo's Bows website.